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Services & Commitment

True partnership is based on mutual success


Customer Care

Our highly trained and dedicated technical team operates in a purpose built facility using state of the art equipment.  More than 50% of our staff is dedicated to products, print and application for the web printing industry, which is complimented by our relationships with key co-suppliers to the industry.

This commitment has enabled us to provide our customers with an unrivalled level of service, becoming the only ink supplier to able to offer a complete package of added value services, bespoke to individual business needs around the world.

Customer Development

We deliver bespoke service and support packages that gel with our one-world customers’ needs and requirements. 

The packages are focused to develop current ink department operations, complimenting customers’ businesses and their future development.

Our packages are based on actual experience from both internal and external practice, delivering real results for our one-world customers. 

Our commitment to our customer base is the continuous facilitation, development and maintaining of the bespoke packages once installed to ensure equipment, processes, systems and KPIs are being achieved and integrated within their own business flow. 

Our goal is to deliver continually improving customer service and support through the use of new technology and innovation, knowledge and understanding.


We believe innovation is the footplate to mutual business growth and diversification. 

This commitment has shaped our continuous improvement programs, initiating fresh technology solutions that we have tailored into our ever-expanding portfolio. 

Our portfolio and innovations are founded with all current and future global guidelines, regulations and legislations in mind. 

Unique transparency within this intimidating arena gives our global upstream supply chain complete peace of mind.

Embarking on new technologies has opened the many doors of diversification, allowing us to take our knowledge and expertise to new markets, absorbing and adapting their unique technologies and processes too.

We understand that investment is key to advancing any innovation project work and so have commitment to not only increasing our R&D team, but have quadrupled our equipment acquisition in the last 5 years.

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